Get ready to say goodbye to the finance overwhelm and say hello to confidence and clarity in your numbers!


After all, creatives + finances don’t mix, right? 


The bills never seem to end - there’s always one more expense you need to pay before you can pay yourself and you’re paralyzed by the fear of getting it wrong or worse…financial failure

You always feel overwhelmed, never knowing what you can pay yourself or how you’re going to make it through the next slow season, much less give yourself a raise. It’s like you’re stuck just getting by with NO idea how to properly manage your finances.

You constantly feel like you’re playing catch up with your finances, so you just keep “barely getting by” and stay in a constant state of anxiety rather than growth.

I see you because I WAS you..

Imagine starting 2023 knowing exactly how much you can pay yourself, how much your business can spend and ZERO stress about whether you’ll have enough money to pay your taxes. You could start the year with the kind of clarity and confidence you thought was reserved for accountants while you spend more of your precious time and energy on the work that lights you up.


and many more!

If you want to build a healthy business that serves you in all areas of life, you’ve got to get your finances under control.

Financial freedom might take a little blood, sweat and tears, but you really can do this.

That truly 1000% if I can beat the finance overwhelm with a true creative, allergic-to-numbers brain, YOU CAN TOO.

What does that mean for you?

I AM the stereotypical creative who has a zillion ideas, is easily distracted by pretty things and still uses her fingers to count sometimes. 🤪 And yet, at the same time, knowing my numbers has allowed me to take 2 maternity leaves in 2 years, get significant quarterly bonuses, take multiple all inclusive vacations, and even have a guilt-free monthly coffee budget. Even with all that + multiple raises, I haven’t taken a paycut since I started paying myself monthly 5 years ago.  

Finances did not come naturally to me. 

I need you to know something.

Organic Marketing Agency

Duo Collective

"It was such a relief to just be able to plug the numbers into the spreadsheets to see everything laid out and know that it will work."



"I'm not afraid to look at my numbers anymore. I actually feel in control when I look at my finances. That's freedom!!!"



"Val gave so much clarity to the financial numbers and poured out tons of knowledge on business that you just don’t learn anywhere else."


a 4 week implementation-focused group coaching intensive so you can confidently manage your money, give yourself a raise and make the right financial decisions in your business.


Creative Income Cure

In Creative Income Cure, I will guide you through the same exact process I use in my business to quickly get you UNSTUCK and ON TRACK with your finances so you can grow your bottom line in a healthy, simple + doable way.

What to do with every payment to make sure you’re covering your costs, paying yourself and saving for future payments, education + investments

Crystal Clear Payment Organization

The best way to manage and separate your personal and business finances so everything goes to the right place + simplifies tax season

Personal & Business Money Management

How to identify a clear and unique-to-you definition of success that gets you excited to prioritize what matters most and directly affects your financial decisions

YOUR Definition of Success

Here's what you'll learn.

My hot take on pricing to cover costs, pay yourself and profit every single time

Pricing Profitably

A clear breakdown of the bank accounts you need and your weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual finance tasks to stay on top of things so you can keep growing your income strategically

How to manage your bank accounts & Finance Tasks

Pretty spreadsheets that do the math for you and bring life-changing clarity to your finances

Life-Changing Spreadsheets

The tools + process to help you think through any financial decision so you can make the right choices

Tools for Sustainable Financial stability

How to know what you can spend on outsourcing, investments and upgrades in your business

Responsible business spending

How to plan + project your income across months + years at a time to carry you through slow seasons 

How to plan for slow seasons

When you’ve got the right goal and the strategy and structure to support it, you’ll finally see that you really, truly are capable of understanding AND managing your numbers…and you might even kind of like it! ;) 

Experience + maintain the joy of financial freedom with a long-term strategy you can actually keep up with


You don’t have an accountant’s brain, so why are you trying to function like one? Put structure in place that makes sense to you as a creative, so you can actually follow through.

Build clear structures to manage your money and guide your spending


It’s time to reframe your mindset about credit, profit, cash + debt so you can pay yourself and your bills with confidence

Catch the vision of a cash + percentage-based business that guarantees profit


We need to stop basing our view of ourselves on what success looks like for other people and actually work our business finances around the picture of life we personally dream of!

Clarify what success means to you


Over the course of 4 weeks, we’ll walk through (+implement!) the 4 stages of the Creative Income Cure Formula to turn your money problems into money confidence at any stage in business.

The Formula

You'll have 60 days of access to our private online community for feedback, accountability + real relationships with the other like-minded women in the group throughout the week!


After every group coaching session, you will have homework and clear action items to put what you’re learning into practice right away! 


Everyone's business, goals and circumstances are different, which means the details of your financial strategy may differ. Hot seats allow us to focus + troubleshoot individually.


On our group calls, I will walk you through the principles and details of my Creative Income Cure Formula. There will be time for discussion and implementation to make sure it all makes sense!


so what does this actually look like?



Enroll today to FINALLY get your finances in order + working FOR you!


“I literally can’t imagine operating without my new system. I now have clarity in what’s going on, what I need to do, and the tools to make the best financial choices in the future as my business continuously grows and evolves, all thanks to Val. This is needed for literally everybody in my opinion.”

"This is needed for literally everybody in my opinion."


“I am not a spreadsheet person, so to be able to plug those numbers in and say, “Okay, I have this amount of money in savings. How far will that take me? How much money do I need to make in order to keep hitting these income goals?” I don’t think I even realized that you could do that, as silly as that may sound. Every month I don’t have to start from scratch and hustle and figure it out. I can have a longer term plan for things.”

"I can have a longer term plan"

Duo Collective, Organic Marketing Agency

"There was awhile there where I thought I'd never be able to quit my full time job because I was uncertain about how our business was going to be able to support both of us out on our own. We were basically lost without you and we didn't even know we needed you as much as we did! We were both struggling with the numbers and running the biz from a financial perspective. You were a small biz lifesaver! It's a must from an investment standpoint, in my opinion."

"You were a small biz lifesaver!"


“Budgeting has never come easy for me, and still doesn’t, but focusing on finances with you has changed my entire perspective. Having a spreadsheet to go back to and save hours of time rebuilding what I’ve already built once was so helpful! I don’t fear my numbers anymore, making my success so much better!”

"I don't fear numbers anymore!"

Ability to attend all sessions (see above) will be significant to your implementation success.

Say no more, I’m in!

We kick off January 4th, are you in?!

Clear homework, takeaways + accountability

60 Day Access to Private Online Community

  • January 4th 9:00am - 4:00pm CST
  • January 9th 9:00am - 3:00pm CST
  • January 12th 9:00am - 11:30AM CST

9 Hours Group Coaching + 5 Hours Implementation Co-Working + Q&A

a 4 week implementation-focused group coaching intensive where I’ll walk you through every step to ditch the numbers overwhelm, manage your money, and grow your bottom line with confidence.

So you probably want the details, right? 

Enroll Now

$375 books your spot


4 payments of

payment plan


Get that tax write-off for 2022!

Enroll Now


One payment of

one and done

you'll be able to choose the option that works for you!

your investment



"It was enlightening how much control and structure I can have with my money - having it broken down makes it all less scary!"



"I feel so much more at peace with my financials."



"Val helps me work through spreadsheets + numbers in ways that are easy for me to digest."

Wedding Photographer


"I now have a better understanding of my finances and a new level of confidence in my business."



"I was able to take 12 less weddings for my team and profit more than ever because of what you taught me!"



"Val has made me EXCITED about numbers and money and things I never thought I would everrrr feel excited about."

Wedding Photographer


"Knowing exactly how many sessions or weddings I have to book has been huge!"



"Val's approach has empowered me to organize my finances in a way that serves my life without working more. I really feel like a CEO now."

Wedding Photographer + COACH


"It brought a lot of clarity for me to make really confident decisions."

You are no different from the amazing creative women I've coached to achieve financial stability. Are you next?

Only 10 spots available!

As creatives, it’s no secret that numbers aren’t our favorite thing to work on. And I’m sure you’ve heard that accountability is an incredibly powerful thing! To set you up for success, you’ll be assigned an accountability partner in the program to help keep each other on track and to have a 1:1 context for coworking, commiserating and deeper friendship.

Accountability Partners

Math is hard! Spreadsheets are God's gift to the creative, allergic-to-numbers brain (like mine!) You'll get exclusive access to ALL the spreadsheets I use in my business and personalized input to customize each one to your unique needs!


Sometimes, you just need that focused 1:1 attention to work through your specific numbers. You'll get one 30-minute 1:1 coaching session with Val to make sure your questions are answered and the process will work for YOUR business! The 1:1 sessions will be held in the mornings of January 24th or 26th.

1:1 Coaching

Wait, there’s more? Yeah girl!

The Bonuses

Brand + Web Designer


"For the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel alone in my business or my finances. Val (being a creative herself) understands how a creative brain works. She took us through every part of her process and showed us exactly how to adapt that process to our specific niche.”

I’m ready, sign me up!

I believe your creative brain is totally capable of managing your numbers like a boss.

Schedule a Call

no-strings-attached, I truly want what's best for you!

Want to chat with Val face-to-face to see if this is the right fit for you?


“When I decided to work with Val, I was a little hesitant because of the financial investment - it was the most money I had every spent on myself in building my business and I didn’t know if it was going to be worth it! Fast forward to now, and after how brutal it was being in the wedding industry during a pandemic, my husband losing his job and facing all sorts of changing restrictions, I went into winter totally content because of Val! She gave me the tough love I needed to get my finances in order, and now I have my income saved up so I can pay myself through my off season and not worry - even when I was the solo bread winner. Being able to actually rest and feel creative again during the off season is such an amazing gift. The feeling of relief I feel is worth every penny. The investment is worth it!!”

"The feeling of relief I feel is worth every penny."

Everything I do and teach comes with the expectation that you WILL have to customize it in some way to your own business and brain, but I don't expect you to know how to do that on your own.

I don’t believe in straight up copy/paste strategies.

Just in case you’re not sure your brain can handle all this finance stuff, let me ease your mind.

will not stop until you feel like you really truly can do this!

 I will work tirelessly to help you understand and build YOUR own customized system that makes sense to YOUR BRAIN. I have rebuilt spreadsheets, answered the same question 10 different ways and

My promise to you:

Think of me as your business strategist & BFF all in one ;) Some even call me their “business therapist.”

A recovered overspender turned business coach.

Hi! I'm Val.

I made a lot of mistakes in those first years (like, a lot of mistakes), but honestly, all those hard lessons ultimately led me to building a healthy business that actually pays!

And now, I help women like you (yes, even with a creative right-brain!) work your numbers around your life and experience the kind of financial freedom that makes all the hard work worth it!

I spent my first 10 years as a photographer overworking, overspending and learning a LOT about business the hard way. I had no clue how to properly manage my finances or really anything in my business for that matter.

This is me! I’m in!

Humility, willingness to learn, trust the process and a resolve to DO THE WORK are essential and so rewarding!

You value quality over quantity and genuinely want to build and implement healthy business practices. 

You're craving a healthy business

You’re not looking for a get-rich-quick solution, you’re in it for the long haul because you’re passionate about what you do and serving others well. 

You need a sustainable solution

You’ve seen that more clients and more money don’t just solve your money problems

More $$$ isn't always the answer

Your brain seems to hate numbers but you KNOW you have to get it under control

Your brain hates numbers

You know there HAS to be a way to pay yourself year-round, but just need someone to show you how.

You want consistent paychecks

You know you have some serious potential, but money seems to always be standing in the way of your big growth dreams.

Money's getting in the way of your growth

You’re so good at what you do, but feel ill-equipped when it comes to anything money-related.

You're Ill-equipped with Money

I believe in a good fit, so let’s make sure CIC is for you!

a little FAQ #realtalk because a good coach shoots ya straight ;)


Honestly? You’re ready when you’re willing to actually do the work. Any type of coaching is fully dependent on your commitment to actually follow through and implement what you learn.

The reality is no matter where you are in business, whether your business is just an idea or you’re flooded with clients and trying to organize the chaos….everyone is ready for coaching because no one has it all figured out and everyone can always get better. You (and I!) can always get better. My job is to help every one of my clients clarify the areas they need to grow in order to achieve a healthy business while maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life. In my personal experience, I have never regretted an investment I made in coaching, even when the investment was scary.

Group coaching is for you if...
-You feel like you need to focus on growing specifically in the following areas: pricing, financial planning, projecting income across slow seasons, knowing what you can spend, organizing your cash/bank accounts + generally how to make wise financial decisions
-You want to build relationships and community with other like-minded entrepreneurs
-You can’t quite afford 1:1 coaching yet

1:1 Coaching is for you if...
-You need more in-depth focus or have a specific project or business need
-You need more individualized attention and full access to me throughout our time together
-You need the flexibility to customize meeting times and pivot our coaching focus to best suit your goals and needs along the way

If you’re still unsure, no worries! Let's jump on a quick call to chat through the options!

Creative Income Cure is for the female entrepreneur who cares deeply about her work and is ready to implement intentional, healthy business practices to get her business finances under control. 

She’s in it for the long haul and highly values providing an excellent experience for her clients or customers. 

She understands that in order to have a business she loves, she needs to build a strong foundation. She's willing to do the deep, behind-the-scenes, not-so-sexy work to work toward real transformation.

She highly values community over competition and doesn't believe in keeping "secrets." She wants to empower other women to win just as much as she wants to win herself and is willing to put in the time to build lasting relationships.

I’m looking for women who value quality over quantity and genuinely want to build and implement healthy business practices. 

You’re not looking for a get-rich-quick solution, you’re in it for the long haul because you’re passionate about what you do and serving others well. 

It’s also very important that you’re in it for the relationships and believe in empowering and lifting other women up. Choosing vulnerability and openness will be expected and so beautifully rewarding.

A high-value of community over competition is essential. If you feel protective of your knowledge and don’t want to “share your secrets” this is not the program for you. 

Humility, willingness to learn, trust the process and a resolve to DO THE WORK are essential.

If you are a true business partnership where you are together running one business, you can enroll together and join the calls together or separately.

Because you're a partnership, everything you receive will be shared (ie, your 1:1 session will actually be 2:1).

During the group coaching video sessions, I will present the educational content first and then we will have helpful discussion and troubleshoot together as needed.

My coaching style is a healthy mix of casual lecture + interactive discussion, so that we make sure the concepts make sense and can be applied to your unique situation.

We will also do hot seats where we will spend a set amount of time focusing on one person and their specific needs as a group.

We will have several hours of implementation co-working time to make impactful progress on the homework and ask any clarifying questions as needed. 

All sessions will be over video via Zoom in January 2023. All sessions will be recorded and made available within 24 hours. Each intensive day will include a 1 hour lunch break. 

Session Dates + Times:
January 4th 9:00AM - 4:00PM CST
January 9th 9:00AM - 3:00PM CST
January 12th 9:00AM - 11:30AM CST
1:1 sessions will be individually scheduled on January 23rd or 26th between 9AM-12PM CST.

Although all group sessions will be recorded, this intensive format is best experienced live. If you just need to step out for a portion of one of the days, you’ll be able to catch the recording and ask for any clarification needed in our online community!

If you are unable to attend the majority of the full sessions, I do not recommend joining this round. Shoot me an email or DM if the times are not ideal for you so I can be aware of interest level for a different time.

Yes! You can make 4 monthly payments of $375 if you choose not to pay in full up front.

The first payment of $375 and the signed contract books your spot and then the remaining payments will be due the first of each month starting December 1st.


No-strings-attached, I truly want what's best for you!

I totally get it - let's chat on Voxer!

still not 100% sure?

I'm ready for this!



60 DAYS Access to Private ONLINE Community

Clear + paced homework + takeaways

ONE 1:1 coaching session with Val

Pretty spreadsheet templates + customization input

Accountability partner matchups

A long-term, written finance strategy you can actually keep up with

This is your chance to FINALLY learn how to manage your money with confidence, give yourself a raise and make a profit every 👏🏼 time 👏🏼!

Ok Val, let’s do this!

Imagine starting 2023 knowing your numbers with confidence, a reliable monthly paycheck and paying your taxes + bills with ease…no really this can absolutely be your reality!

Are you ready to be one of 8 women who finally experience the financial freedom you always thought you’d have as an entrepreneur?